Remnant Fellowship TV Presents: “Lasting Marriages” You Can Overcome, Season 2 Episode 20.

What is the secret to a happy marriage? How do you fall back in love if you have reached the point where you see no other option but divorce? Is there any hope for the future if all you do is argue? This episode will give you the answers you need and teach you how to bring joy back to your marriage and be more in love today than you were in the beginning. Not only will this information change your marriage, but it will also give you the tools you need to improve your relationships at work and with all the authority figures in your life.

Filmed live February 13, 2013.
Special guests: Mark Jost, Therese Marie Jost, and Tedd Anger.
Copyright 2013 Gwen Shamblin, Weigh Down Ministries, and Remnant Fellowship

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