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Sabrina DeMoss and Luke Hamilton Wedding Invitation

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

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Their Story...

Luke Hamilton

I was born in Indiana, where my parents lived not far from our extended family in Ohio. In November of 2001 my mother, Ashley Hamilton, attended a Remnant Fellowship “Rebuilding the Wall” event in South Bend, Indiana, where Gwen Shamblin shared the Truth that then changed our entire family. For the first time in her life, Mom was told that she could stop sinning, and her life has never been the same since. She immediately joined a Weigh Down class and continued to pursue a relationship with God like never before. My father saw immediate change and knew that this was something our family needed to join. In 2005, God provided an opportunity for our family to move down to Brentwood, Tennessee.

"It has always been a desire of my heart to have a relationship with a godly woman like the beautiful examples we have had before us, and as I pursued my own relationship with God, I was in constant prayer for this."- Luke

Although I have been a part of this body of believers almost all of my life, it took me a long time to get on board. I was seeing all the blessed lives around and wanted to have that, too, but I didn’t want to give up my strongholds because I sought fulfillment through my own selfish desires. I continued to sit on the fence all the way up to college. I moved away for college and thought since I was away from my authorities that meant I could do what I wanted, and I thought that would make me happy. Then I realized the grass isn’t greener on the other side. The more I filled up on my desires of the flesh, the emptier I became. After a semester of filling up on worldly things, I realized there is truly only one way to fill up, and that is on God!

I dropped out of college and gave up everything I had been pursuing and made my own decision to go all in for a relationship with God. Since the day I made that decision, the blessings have been abundant. I have been blessed with an amazing job, friends that point me up to God, a restored relationship with my family, the purchase of a house, and a Godly relationship with Sabrina Demoss. After being my own god for so long, I never would have imagined that God would allow me to have a relationship with someone who is beautiful both inside and out.

It has always been a desire of my heart to have a relationship with a godly woman like the beautiful examples we have had before us, and as I pursued my own relationship with God I was in constant prayer for this. I was so excited and grateful when this opportunity came up: not only is Sabrina “all in” for God, but she is a part of a beautiful God-fearing family. From the first time we got to talk, I found it was so easy to be around Sabrina; she has a natural gift for making people comfortable and helping them feel included. Our first date was a picnic in Centennial Park in Nashville; and from there, our relationship grew very quickly into something that was so natural and totally an answered prayer! I am so grateful for this church teaching us how to humble ourselves and go to our authorities for direction—as Sabrina and I put this into practice, the relationship has been so blessed. Through 8 months of dating God made it clear that he had picked a perfect match for me. So I took Sabrina back to Centennial Park in Nashville, where we had our first date, and asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with me. There has been so much peace in every part of the last year, and I cannot wait to see what God will do as we spend the rest of our lives … together— putting Him first in everything!

Sabrina DeMoss:

In 1999, when my mother was five months pregnant with me, she found Weigh Down. From there on she began to take the Weigh Down classes and after putting into practice a message of total love and obedience, she joined Remnant Fellowship Church in 2003, along with my two brothers and me while living in Ohio. Since joining Remnant Fellowship Church, we have found hope, a purpose in life and a deep love for God. I am very thankful to have been introduced to these clear teachings of Christianity at the age of three. Even though I practically grew up knowing this and listening to this full-of-truth teaching, I have been changed for the better!

While living in Ohio, I was exposed to many worldly things and I quickly realized that I did not want any part of a life of rebellion against God… but instead wanted to truly follow Him in every area of my life and be a part of this beautiful community that is doing the same. Don’t get me wrong: I was tempted and tested, but after hearing this message of laying down all idols and sin, I found hope in knowing that I could say “No” to anything that was outside the will of God! Since making the choice of not my will but God’s be done, I have been BEYOND blessed! I have been given a wonderful family with Godly parents who have faithfully walked this message out before me and have directed me with a loving hand toward righteousness. I have long-lasting friendships, a heart full of love and joy and, most importantly, a relationship with God. On top of all of these amazing blessings, I have the biggest honor of getting to marry Luke! God has been way too generous and merciful to allow these blessings and many, many more!

"There is so much hope and peace for this marriage, as Luke and I have many Godly examples to look up to and follow. I am so thankful!"- Sabrina

I want to publicly thank God Almighty first, as He is the one who has shown so much mercy and has granted this relationship. My gratitude for Mrs. Gwen Shamblin, the beautiful leadership of this church and all the examples that have walked before Luke and me is indescribable. Without the love from this body of believers, I would not be where I am today, to say nothing of getting to make a lifelong marriage covenant before God. There is so much hope and peace for this marriage, as Luke and I have many Godly examples to look up to and follow. I am so thankful!

The Proposal

Our families have known each other for a very long time. While living in Ohio, my mother, two brothers and I would go and worship with Luke’s extended family in Marion, Ohio. While we were in Ohio, Luke and his immediate family resided in Indiana. I know that God totally orchestrated this relationship because it wasn’t until after our families moved to Tennessee, that we actually really got to know each other. After becoming instant friends, Luke took me on our first date to Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee. It was the most perfect fall day! We sat under a big tree and had a little picnic – my dream date! The day Luke proposed to me was the most perfect summer day. He took me back to Centennial Park where we took a walk, reminiscing of our first date. All the flowers and trees were in full bloom, so of course we stopped and looked at God’s creation! As we finished looking at all that God had done, Luke got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! I said YES!!! God was so sweet to orchestrate the most perfect day with the most perfect guy! After he proposed, we had a little picnic and then we went off to celebrate with all our family and friends!