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Langsdon-Collins Remnant Fellowship Wedding InvitationDetails ...

Wedding Day!
Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Their Story...

Spencer Collins:

I am so grateful to God for allowing me the opportunity to marry the woman of my dreams! Before Remnant Fellowship, I lived a life of pain. I spent most of my time reaching out to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco to fill me up. I had been in and out of Remnant Fellowship since I had turned 18, and most of my childhood was spent in the church, but I never had any desire to listen or put it into practice. Since attending Remnant Fellowship and putting the message into practice, my life has changed drastically. I wake up every day with joy, peace, love and cannot wait to see what God’s will is for me that day. He has blessed my health, finances, relationships, job, transportation, and so much more. It was by God’s mercy that he allowed me to meet Hannah, and we have been inseparable ever since. Her heart for God and constant encouragement are what instantly attracted me to her. I remember the day we met so clearly, and I remember thinking, “I want what she has.”

"When I met and then got to know Hannah, I instantly fell in love. She showed me firsthand what a real relationship with God looked like." - Spencer

There are so many examples at this church of what a true relationship with God looks like. The leadership and members have been instrumental in helping me gain and maintain a relationship with God. God has allowed our relationship to grow immensely in what may seem like a short amount of time, but it feels like we have known each other our whole lives. It is obviously God, as we click in every way imaginable. For as long as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted in this world was a wife and a family. She has every quality I have ever dreamed of in a wife, and so much more! I could not have asked for someone more desirable, and I am so honored that the most Godly, beautiful, selfless woman I know would marry me! God has blessed our relationship and is allowing us to get married in just a few days, and it all comes from putting Him first. I could not imagine where I would be without this church and my relationship with God. I am so excited to see what He has in store for us in the future, and I cannot wait to build His Kingdom with the love of my life and best friend!

Hannah Langsdon:

When God allowed me to find Remnant Fellowship in 2014, I was 20 years old, lost and hurting. I first became exposed to Remnant when I met Rob and Tiffani Day through work. I began to visit the church with the Day family, and they showed me the most love I had ever seen. I finally found the answers I had been searching for my whole life! I knew right away that what Gwen Shamblin was teaching and living was the TRUTH! I knew this because when I read the Bible, what she and all of the leaders were living matched up perfectly with what I read. The minute I made the choice to put the teachings into practice for myself, there was immediate, lasting fruit in my life that I had never experienced before.

Before I came to Remnant Fellowship and started putting what Gwen was teaching into practice, I was lost, empty, and depressed. I over-ate, over-drank, over-exercised and dieted all while looking to earthly relationships to fill me up. Quite frankly, I was miserable and worn out from running to the world for answers that were never going to fill the empty, longing hole in my heart! I finally found answers and deep peace when I came to Remnant Fellowship! I gained a real relationship with God, learned how to get answered prayers, lost over 30 pounds. All of my depression is gone! I now have joy, patience, kindness and love in my heart now! God has truly blessed me with a fairy tale life, after turning to him for everything!

"God made it very clear through signs and answered prayers that Spencer was the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. I could not be more excited!" - Hannah

One of my biggest blessings ever was getting to meet Spencer Collins. I had known Spencer for a few years, but God never allowed our paths to really cross until this past February when we began working together. That day, God opened my eyes and I immediately fell in love with Spencer’s humble, gentle, and kind heart! God made it very clear through signs and answered prayers that Spencer was the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. I could not be more excited! It’s been so fun to see how fast God can work as we have built our relationship on God first! Spencer is always leading us to pray about everything and God has so sweetly answered so many prayers! I am truly honored that God chose me to be Spencer’s best friend, helpmate, and soon to be…HIS WIFE! We are both truly new creations! I am so grateful to God Almighty for the leadership at Remnant Fellowship Church, who taught me that I can and must obey God! It has resulted in the best life ever!