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Spoon-Law Remnant Fellowship Wedding InvitationDetails ...

Wedding Day!
Monday, December 31, 2018

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Their Story...

Parker Law:

My story begins when I was 7 years old living in Texas. My mother started taking Weigh Down again and was seeing changes in her heart. The changes impacted my dad and eventually the rest of my family. Soon after this, we all joined Remnant Fellowship and moved to Nashville, a decision that changed my life forever!

From age 8-14 I can remember growing up with the best friends I could have ever wished for. Friends that wanted to obey their parents and showed me what that looked like, and wanting to find a relationship with God! I was fortunate to get to grow up getting to go to one of our leaders, Mark and Therese Marie Jost house a lot! Rylie, their youngest son and my best friend, showed me what being under your parents' authority looked like by example. I can remember being young and about to watch a movie with some of my friends and Rylie whipped out his phone and texted his dad for permission, even though his dad wouldn’t have known. Where in the world, other than this place would that be a thing? So, God from a young age had been showing me the fruit and having me around examples of this place. But I still didn’t have a relationship with God like these people around me did.

"She has been nothing but encouraging to be around and clearly has a heart for God.” - Parker

Not until I was around the age of 15 when Gwen gave a talk that hit my heart for the first time. I remember that feeling of conviction. I went home and starting praying, and the next day I prayed some more and then the next and so on. God was starting to show me what this was all about and since then I’ve been getting to learn how to be a better son, co- worker, friend and now a husband!

Sarah quickly came into the picture when she moved down here and we both were in college. We didn’t have any classes together but got to ride with each other to campus. I had never met a girl so happy in my life. She always was joking around and positive about everything! What also struck me was she was looking for the needs around her. She has been nothing but encouraging to be around and clearly has a heart for God. I never even had considered she would be interested in me, considering we just had gotten along so well as friends... but the idea came to me after I’d gone down to Destin and we spent more time around each other more than normal. She had all the qualities I wanted in a girl and more!

I never dreamed I would get to be with someone/deserved someone who took this relationship with God so seriously that it was her “everything.” She lights up every room she walks into and is nothing but joy to be around! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for her because of her obedience. This all being said, this would have not been our outcome without God using Gwen and the Lara/Shamblin/Hannah families and for how they laid down their lives for this place and us! Our story is because of their selflessness and example on how to live this out! We are in Awe of God and cannot wait for December 31st!

Sarah Spoon:

First and foremost, I pray that these words will bring glory to God for all He has done in Parker and my life and may they give honor to God and this Church...because without both we would not have these changed, peaceful lives!

I found Remnant Fellowship Church and Weigh Down through my dear sister, Emily Langsdon, and then my sweet mother, Jodi Spoon, when I was 15 years old. Basically my whole life I struggled with my weight and being over weight, which caused me to be sad and not as kind to those around me. My sister Emily and I did not have a good relationship and I was not a good child at home or at school; I had no idea it could be a different way. I started my first Weigh Down class and immediately my heart started changing! It was words about God and the true purpose of our lives that I was never taught as a child and never heard before hearing the words from God come through Gwen! I realized what a good God, God was and how wrong I had lived! I wanted to change my life and have a joyful life and I wanted to see what it felt like to have a real relationship with God!

“Parker brings nothing but joy to anyone he is around and he has the heart that makes everyone feel so welcome when you are around him!” - Sarah

Day after day, I listened in to the teachings at Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down and I started praying and putting into practice what I was learning... and seeing the blessings from God. I felt the connection to God that I never knew before and never dreamt I could have! My heart and perspective began to change—I started loving my parents, my authorities and my siblings, doing it all to prove to God that I wanted to make Him smile! Throughout all of this, I began growing friendships with like minded friends I met at Remnant— friendships I’d never had my whole entire life! These friendships are even stronger today and we all, without a doubt, know that on the forefront of our minds and hearts is that we are here to seek God’s will; so we are all in unity. It is the most beautiful thing!!

I then met Parker and right away I was blown away by his example of humility and being slow to speak and always serving others all for God’s glory! Parker brings nothing but joy to anyone he is around and he has the heart that makes everyone feel so welcome when you are around him! I never imagined I would get to marry such an upright, Godly man who will help lead our family to God, serve His church, and ultimately keep us focused on the main goal of making it to Heaven! I cannot express enough that none of this would be possible if we did not hear this truth that is taught from Remnant Fellowship Church and having all these dear examples that have walked before us!