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Wright and Theisen Wedding Invitation

Their Story...

Sarah Wright:

My Family joined Remnant Fellowship In April of 2002. I feel so privileged to grow up in this message and watch how it has grown! As a child, I watched my mother go through incredible changes and grow closer to God through these teachings; but for a long time I struggled with my own relationship with Him. I was anti-authority to my parents, prideful, self-focused and lazy. I was constantly going back and forth between doing things my way and doing them God’s way, and it never bore fruit because I was not consistent with obedience. I had developed a strong greed for food… going from somewhat pudgy as a ten year old, to obese by the end of graduating college. I remember feeling depressed, constantly anxious and so fearful about everything! Along with that, I was untrusting and self-protective, and for many years I hid out from the people who cared about me. I could never figure out what I wanted out of life, and it was hard to stay motivated about anything. Everything I did was unfulfilling and empty!

I was starving for a connection with God. Any happiness I felt was just a thin layer, barely shadowing the deep emotional pain underneath. Finally after years of struggling, I realized that I did NOT make a good god for myself. I did NOT want to continue that path of serving self anymore, I wanted to find that childlike heart for God again and be truly set free! NO more bouncing back between idols for a shallow, temporary feeling! I wanted to feel that abundant source of love coming through me so I could truly take care of everyone around me, and lift others up instead of drag them down by my example!

"In the months that Corey and I first started crossing paths, I felt like God was working double time on my heart.” - Sarah

After so many years of trying to live life my own way, I can confidently say that the ONLY THING that matters is a connection with our Creator! It is only through finally laying down my will and trusting Him, and applying the teachings here at Remnant Fellowship Church, that I have learned how to free of sin. I am no longer chained to behaviors that were destroying my body and life! I have lost over 55lbs so far, and am excited to learn how to find God's spirit even more in these days to come! Life is full of light and answered prayers, knowing that He has the answer to everything! Every day I get to live out God's incredible agenda, which leaves me feeling peaceful at night instead of anxious. I look at my future now, and I am excited to have less of the old me and develop more of His amazing characteristics!

In the months that Corey and I first started crossing paths, I felt like God was working double time on my heart. Until now, I had felt like my heart was asleep in regards to marriage, and I felt peace about trusting God to put that desire in me at the right time. There was so much to do as a young single, I had comfort in the thought that if I looked for God’s will every day, that He would always provide work for me in His Kingdom! I remember my love for God had grown so much in that time, and my joy had increased so much! It was around the same time that I was hearing some AMAZING messages at church about God-Fearing Families: the beauty of husband, wife and children that are all connected to God. I was getting so many convictions every day, from communicating better with my authorities to showing more love to the saints, to my family and my bosses. My heart was bursting with conviction and delight in hearing those messages, and I was determined to put them into practice at home.

One Sabbath morning, I came to church and was seated somewhere different than usual. I ended up sitting next to someone I had only met once or twice, a young man with a red beard. However, my focus returned to the amazing words being spoken by Gwen about how to be godly husbands and wives. Every sentence hit my heart and it was so convicting – I’m pretty sure I cried. As we approached communion, I felt a strong desire to pray about something that had just recently begun to stir in my heart.

God… you know that out of anything on this earth, I want this relationship with you! You have led me through so much change and I don’t even deserve the blessings I have been given so far. But God, you see what is inside my heart right now, and I am giving this desire up to you, because YOU are the Creator of families and relationships… God, I don’t know who he is, what he looks like, what his personality is like, or where he comes from. It might not even be my calling to become a wife – but if it is your will… and all in your timing, Dear God, please lead me to the person that I would adore to call my Husband, my Master and King.

When I finished praying, I looked up to see the young bearded man, who happened to be Corey Theisen, offering to take my communion cup. Corey and I had our first conversation that day, and we haven’t stopped talking since! Our relationship keeps getting stronger, and I grow more in love with him every day! I am amazed at God’s genius, for allowing opposites to attract and bringing two personalities together to be refined and sharpened by each other! It is such a joy to get to pray together every day, share convictions, blessings, and look for ways to honor and serve one other. I know that this relationship is a gift from God, and my faith has grown so much through this answered prayer! He truly knows everything about His creation, every secret desire no matter how big or small! He ALWAYS gives back to those who love Him first!!!

Corey Theisen:

First and foremost, I give great gratitude to our Father in Heaven and to this amazing Church.

Remembering back six years ago – to when I was 18 years old – I think about who I was before this message…versus who I am NOW, and the change is truly remarkable! Even though I was not a typical kid who did everything “bad” or “wrong,” after coming to Remnant Fellowship Church (which I became a member of on October 29, 2012), I was highly convicted to do MORE to better myself. I learned that there is ALWAYS more to improve in my life and ALL the choices I make each day.

As I think about all of the influential people who have surrounded me, my mind goes to my family and another close family, both who have witnessed me starting as a boy and now turning into a man. I have a tremendous amount of respect for both families! Through what they have learned here, they have helped me along the way, teaching me how to be a Godly man…and how to get up when I fall.

As I have grown over the years, I’ve learned to open my wings and fly! In March of 2015, God was generous enough to open a opportunity to for me to move to Brentwood, Tennessee. I moved in with a family and they taught me more than I thought it was possible. After going to this Church every Wednesday and Saturday…then going to youth events and helping families move (like I was helped) every Sunday…I started to learn that my life is not about me. After a year of doing this, I was convicted even more, and I had a desire in my heart to meet even more new people. While making an effort to do that for a couple of months, out of nowhere I saw this beam of light that was illuminating from a girl. This girl was named Sarah Jean Wright.

While talking to her, in the back of my mind I thought, “There’s no way she will even talk to me…” (as I was wearing my famous flannel shirt, gym shorts, and crocs). But thankfully, I was wrong! I love Sarah’s passion for God, and that has stirred my passion for God and my love for her. I give thanks every day to our Father in Heaven for this amazing life, for this awesome Church, for my beautiful fiancé Sarah Wright, and for my family and friends!