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Petralito-Wheeler Remnant Fellowship Wedding InvitationDetails ...

Wedding Day!
Saturday, March 3, 2018

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Their Story...

Anthony Wheeler:

My family has been a part of Remnant Fellowship since July of 2002 when I was only 5 years old. It was close to a year later that we relocated from Oklahoma to Nashville to be closer to the saints. Having the opportunity to grow up surrounded by people who are always willing to help you, take care of your needs, and point you closer to God is something I cannot properly express my gratitude for. While being in this message and learning to be under the authorities God put in my life has made my life as peaceful and easy as I can imagine, each day has not been without its own tests and trials. Through this message, I’ve been able to lay down pride, laziness with my mind and actions, and spending excessive amounts of time focusing on myself that I could’ve spent focusing on the needs of others and God’s kingdom. It scares me to think of what other strongholds I could’ve gone to without having learned to run to God for every need through this message. After seeing how to get out of self in every area of my life, I feel like God opened the doors for so many blessings and opportunities in my life and he continues to every time I give more to Him. I had wanted to do something music related for the church using the gifts God has given me since I was 14, and since totally laying down any selfishness or praise of man in my heart, I’ve been blessed to be able to play music for Remnant and for the youth and it is a gift I do not take lightly. I’ve also been blessed with a wonderful career that I would not have if it weren’t for the beautiful direction of my parents and being able to take direction from them and these church leaders. Additionally, finding a relationship with a girl was an area where, once I had totally died to my will, to the point where I was content with living alone for the rest of my life if God willed it, God brought my best friend into my life and he couldn’t have picked anyone better.

"Our relationships with God and each other grow stronger every day, and I look forward to seeing what all else God brings through this marriage in the future!” - Anthony

I first became interested in pursuing a relationship with Hannah after becoming friends with her and seeing how fun she was to talk to and be around. After getting some signs and blessings from God as confirmation, I asked her to go to dinner with me on February 15, 2017. Over the next 7 months I got to observe how much her inner beauty matches the outside. Getting to witness how sensitive she is to the needs of others and how she’s always able to lift the spirits of everyone around her has been a true blessing and conviction. The way she is always able to take redirection without any self-focus and further her relationship with God before anything else has always been one of the most beautiful things about her to me. After further prayer and looking inward to see what God was leading and what my own heart’s desires were, I knew that Hannah was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. On September 24th, 2017, I proposed to Hannah and she said yes. Since proposing, there have been multiple ways our relationship has born even more fruit and blessings as further confirmation that this is from God. I know I’ll never be able to properly give back to Him for all he’s given us through this relationship. Our relationships with God and each other grow stronger every day, and I look forward to seeing what all else God brings through this marriage in the future.

Hannah Petralito:

I have been a part of the Remnant Fellowship Church since I was seven years old , and do not remember any other way of life. My mother was introduced to WeighDown in 2000 by my Aunt and Uncle, Candace and Tedd Anger. We were then exposed to Remnant Fellowship in 2001. We joined in 2002 and have been coming ever since. Growing up I had always seen the benefit of putting what Gwen Shamblin taught, mere Christianity, into practice. I had a peaceful and joyful childhood because of these loving teachings. I do not think I was truly able to grasp what a relationship with God was until I moved to Tennessee my freshman year of college, and even then it took years of constant redirection to get to a place in my life to be humble enough to know that I knew nothing. It was then that I could learn how to live for God and walk in His peace. I’m eternally grateful for the leaders of this church and to my mother for having patience and for always showing love to me by gently saying what I can be doing better in order to have the most fruitful life and a connection to the God of the universe. Once I truly learned the importance of being under God's authority…. God’s blessings overflowed! This is something I continue to learn and grow in. My relationship with God is something that is ever changing, and my love for Him grows daily as my faith is built by getting even my smallest prayers answered!! I have a single focus and because of what I've learned in Remnant Fellowship I have so much hope for a beautiful full future.

My friendship with Anthony began about a year and a half ago. We became fast friends over the several weeks and when the opportunity came to date him I accepted, with absolutely no expectations nor hesitation. God has allowed this relationship to become amazing! Anthony is truly my best friend and I am so grateful for him as I have come to realize he is my biggest blessing. Since dating him and through our engagement he has helped me grow my relationship with God more than any one person ever has. Anthony is a constant example of if you put God’s kingdom first you will be taken care of. Anthony is always serving, is incredibly talented and always strives to be the best. He is thoughtful, kind, gentle, righteous and Godly. He makes me laugh and helps me find God in so many situations.

"I know without a doubt that we are better together than we were apart. We encourage each other and hold each other up and as the Bible points out in Ecclesiastes we have learned that two are better than one” - Hannah

In September, on what I thought was going to be a celebration for my brother and my cousin's birthday, Anthony surprised me and asked be to marry him. He and I were to run an errand that involved going to pick something up at the church. This was not uncommon- he always stops and finds ways to help those above him. This time we walked in the sanctuary to get a piece of equipment from the stage. While we were on the stage he sat at the piano and asked if I would listed to a song he was working on. I was so excited to be the first to hear his new song. When he turned to start the song he tested the mic….. which inexplicably was on….and that is when I began to think something seemed odd. He began to sing a beautiful song that was written for me. This was something that Joe Langsdon (Remnant Fellowship leader and engagement planner extraordinaire) had suggested he do for this special day, and because he is so under authority, Anthony did - in less than 2 weeks! God totally blessed his song because at the end he asked me to marry him I couldn’t wait to say yes!! When we went back to his home afterwards all of our family and friends were there to celebrate with us on this amazing occasion that God had put together!!!

I have learned so much from Anthony and I'm so excited for a future by his side and am honored to become his wife. I know without a doubt that we are better together than we were apart. We encourage each other and hold each other up and as the Bible points out in Ecclesiastes we have learned that two are better than one. It is with deep gratitude to Gwen Shamblin and Remnant Fellowship, to all the leaders who have tirelessly helped me and my family - especially to Gwen, my Uncle Tedd and Aunt Candace, to Jennifer Martin, and to my grandmother, Carol Anger - that I understand this and have nothing but hope for our future.