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Pacheco-Wenclewicz Remnant Fellowship Wedding InvitationDetails ...

Wedding Day!
Sunday October 11, 2020

Wedding colors:
Forest green, copper, black and white

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Their Story...



I joined Remnant Fellowship in the spring of 2006 after my family had been visiting for a couple of years. I’m so blessed that I have been given this path of truth and am able to know God on a deep and personal level. The teaching at Remnant sets a clear vision on how to have a genuine relationship with God Almighty and how to set your mind on making Him smile and reaching His Heaven.

By the time I was a teenager, I had been attending Remnant Fellowship for several years, and unfortunately, I had begun taking this most precious opportunity for granted. I was not showing God the true love that I should have, and I had a lot of learning and maturing to do. I determined then that doing things halfheartedly was not going to happen anymore! I made the decision devote myself to this narrow path and obey God wholeheartedly—and the blessings flowed in right after! Once I committed myself to that decision to truly put God and Christ first in my life, my relationship with God—and also with Alina—was so much more blessed and joyful.

I’m so blessed, and I want to praise God and give thanks to Him foremost, and then to Gwen Lara for showing me this truth and how to live this out every day. I also want to thank my mom, because she was so determined to keep our family close to Church, and she always put God first through her actions! She continues to convict me every day as a Godly example, and I want to be just like her.

Without being involved with Remnant Church, I would never have met the precious Pacheco family. The Pachecos were the first Remnant members I remember from when I was a child and living in Florida. From the moment I saw Alina, we simply clicked, and I knew we were going to be close friends for many years.

Through fifteen years of friendship, God blessed our lives with constant joy and laughter as we grew closer each day. After years of being close friends, I started to have special feelings for Alina as she consistently showed me true kindness, love, and care. God showed me her amazing beauty, and through many tests and trails that God brought us through, we knew through many heaven-given signs that we belonged together. Alina’s heart for God and determination to put him first is why I wanted to commit my life to her by taking this next step and asking her to be my wife. With Alina by my side, I want us to grow as one forever until we reach the golden streets of Heaven.

On August 30th, that vision became reality! I surprised Alina that evening in the precious Pacheco home, lowering to one knee and asking with an overflowing heart, “Alina Marie, the love of my life...will you marry me?” With tears in her eyes, she yelled with excitement, “Yes!!” That moment will always be a most precious memory and a dream come true.

Alina is the most beautiful woman of God I know, and she continues to be so loving and attentive to me and to everyone around her. Her beauty is amazing, inside and out. Her heart for God is so strongly grounded and she desires nothing but the will of God and to make him smile. I always wanted to be with someone like her, and all glory goes to God for bringing us together in marriage. Alina has been my greatest and most blessed gift from the heavens.

Without the Godly teaching that I have received at Remnant Fellowship, the thought of marriage and commitment in today’s world would bring only feelings of terror and hopelessness. But being grounded in a true relationship with God first and foremost brings so much fruit and hope and full confidence in this relationship. God, in His love and wisdom, has shown me through the teachings of Mrs. Gwen Lara what a loving husband with a steadfast fruits of the Spirit should look like. I’m all in! I’m so excited for this new journey and getting married to the love of my life. I am so honored that Alina and I get to be part of God’s beautiful matchmaking and unity. October 11th will begin our forever life together, and I cannot wait to marry Alina Marie.


My name is Alina Pacheco, and I am beyond grateful to be able to share a little bit of my story! I have had the incredible blessing of being raised in this amazing Remnant Fellowship Church, surrounded by many lifelong friends that honestly feel more like family because we are all so close. Taking the opportunity to submerge myself in God-focused friendships and fellowship several times a week is something I constantly look forward to! The blessings that have come from following Christ’s example and living in obedience to God’s perfect will have blown my mind.

When I was a young, Kayleb and I were actually very close friends. We met as children when we were living in Florida where our parents were webcasting Remnant Fellowship services. After both of our families moved to Tennessee, we remained close friends and our families spent lots of time together. Then when we entered our pre-teen years, it seemed like we started spending more time with other church friends and not as much with one another. My heart longed for us to be close again, but it seemed to be something that God wanted me to go to Him for and trust in His timing.

As I grew older, I found my heart being pulled away from what I knew was the truth. I spent time outside of God’s Will and was heavily tested and failed every time because my heart had been so hardened with pride and arrogance. It wasn’t until God let me hit rock-bottom that I finally felt true repentance in my heart. I realized how far I had wandered off God’s path and where I needed to be—where I was now longing to be with my whole heart. Very soon after, I returned home and returned to this amazing message of truth at Remnant Fellowship. As I came back to church, I was anxious about how I would be received by all my old friends—but I was immediately welcomed with open arms! God’s blessings immediately came pouring in once I set my heart and my life back on a Godly path!

The very day I returned home, out of nowhere, Kayleb reached out to me—he had not known that I had even come back! He was just calling to see how I was doing, and thankfully, I was able to tell him I had just returned home! Over the time that followed, Kayleb and I got to spend more and more time together with our families, and I noticed my heart longing to be closer to my lifelong friend.

I knew that God would test my heart and check my motives and desires after returning home and returning to Church, but I was resolved to remain steadfast! Finally, God answered my heartfelt prayer, and Kayleb and I started dating! And now we get the incredible blessing of getting married!!

I cannot express with words how unbelievably grateful I am to my family, my friends, this amazing Church, all the leaders who have been so gracious with their time, and God Almighty for helping make this day possible! I praise God for each Godly example and for every person who has had their hand on any part of this!