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Maryssa Homes and Frank Reeves Wedding Invitation

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Wedding Day!
Sunday, December 31, 2017

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Their Story...

Frank Reeves

I was born in Torrance California, however, not long after my family relocated to Nevada and then finally Texas, where I stayed until 2010.  Rob and Tiffani Day, my uncle and aunt found Remnant Fellowship in 2009 and my mom visited and joined shortly after.  By early 2011 our entire family had relocated to Brentwood Tennessee.

"There are truly no words to describe how grateful I am first and foremost to God Almighty for plucking me from the world and bringing me to this Church.."- Frank

I was always a very high-energy child.  This made it difficult not only for my parents to control me but also made the public-school system very difficult for me.  By middle school it was clear that home schooling was the best option for me.  Growing up, my number one focus was always sports.  I played soccer, football, and eventually settled on baseball. Throughout high school I spent a lot of time on the road and field and by the time of my senior year of high school,  I was scouted and received a scholarship for pitching to Middle Tennessee State University.  

While baseball was always my plan, it quickly became clear that it was not God’s.  While I still loved the sport, playing college ball was very eye opening to the ways of the world.  The travel, the lifestyle of college athletes and the expectation that baseball should be your number one focus took a toll on my relationship with God and so, after lots of prayer and guidance I made the decision to end my baseball career. 

I feel incredibly blessed that I was able to find Remnant Fellowship when I was only 14 years old. Even though my heart was always soft, even as a child I struggled with pride, praise of man and listening to my authorities.  However, the root of these really stemmed from greed.  My greed for food was often masked by my athleticism, but ever present. Through what I have learned at Remnant Fellowship, God has set me free from the need to control my food. I know now that HE is in control of every breath and bite that I take. Without these teachings, I would never have been able to identify these things in my heart, let alone repair them. 

There are truly no words to describe how grateful I am first and foremost to God Almighty for plucking me from the world and bringing me to this Church.  I am grateful next to Gwen Shamblin for CHOOSING to share with us what God had shown her.  Without her bravery and perseverance, I would not be here today. I want to thank our Church Leadership for their countless hours serving and counseling me through every big and small decision in my life.  Lastly, I want to thank my dad for moving our family, so we could be closer to our church and to my mom for showing me through example what a Godly and pure life can look like.   I know from the bottom of my heart without this Church and without God I would not be the kind of man that I would want Maryssa to marry.  I am excited to spend the rest of our lives serving God, this Church and its’ members. Without the clear teachings and all the beautiful examples we have here at Remnant Fellowship I would not have found this loving, pure, beautiful and steadfast woman.  We are truly grateful that we get to start a life together in a place that teaches us TRUE humility and love for God FIRST above all!

Maryssa Holmes:

I was born in Newark, Ohio and lived there until I was the age of 18. My family and I have been members of The Remnant Fellowship Church for a little over 10 years, since October of 2007.  My mom began taking Weigh Down classes in the summer of that year and we joined Remnant Fellowship Church shortly thereafter.

Growing up I was a kid that never wanted to disappoint my parents. I didn't want to do anything to get into trouble or to bring displeasure. I attended the public school system up until my 8th grade year. At that time, I began home schooling, and upon the beginning of my sophomore year, I was dual enrolled at our local college. So I was very exposed to the world and to the rebellion that was in it and I knew in my heart that most everything that was going on in the school system and on the college campus was wrong. From disobedience, self focus, the drama among my peers, praise of man, etc. I recognized that none of it was bringing peace. Even though I recognized the lack of peace at a very young age, it wasn't until coming to Remnant Fellowship Church that I was able to find purpose behind my actions, desires and life. What I’ve learned has taught me that every action, every motive, every thought is about God!

"There is such hope in knowing that we can walk into a marriage and to KNOW without a doubt that we have hundreds of beautiful examples to look to..."- Maryssa

The teaching at Remnant Fellowship has helped me to lay down praise of man, worry, control and many other things! Although everyday still brings its’ own tests and battles in focusing only on the lead of God and pleasing Him, it is so freeing to know that if you just give your desires over to God and trust Him fully, everything else will fall into place! It can be easy to step into the sin of worrying too much about what someone is thinking and allow that to consume you and be tempted to lose sight of God and His will. But, I am ETERNALLY grateful for a place that has taught me the difference between pleasing man and pleasing the Almighty God! Through what I have learned here at Remnant Fellowship I have obtained the tools to recognize the difference. A life focused on God and his desires and not my own has bore much peace and abundant blessings.

I am grateful to God Almighty first and then to Gwen Shamblin second for pouring out the Truth and for showing us how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. I am also forever grateful to my parents for being living sacrifices and bringing my siblings and I to this Kingdom of Love! Without what I’ve learned and put into practice, I would be lost in a world of emptiness. Remnant Fellowship has taught me how to live life in God’s boundaries and full of purpose. It has taught me how to have friendships that are based on a love for God first. Through this teaching of God’s truth, Frank and I met—and without it I would not be anywhere near ready to become His wife. I am honored to have grown up in this Church and I pray that this marriage brings nothing but glory to God! There is such hope in knowing that we can walk into a marriage and to KNOW without a doubt that we have hundreds of beautiful examples to look to and countless couples that we can turn to in times of life’s testing times, who will point us directly to the heart of God! For this I am FOREVER GRATEFUL and full of HOPE!