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Fischer-Quinn Remnant Fellowship Wedding InvitationDetails ...

Wedding Day!
Saturday, July 28, 2018

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Their Story...

John Quinn:

Words cannot express how grateful I am that God has so graciously allowed me the opportunity to give Him all credit for anything good in my life. I’ve had the honor of being a member of Remnant Fellowship since I was six years old; and like most young people in this church, I followed my parents. There comes a point, however, when everyone has to make the choice to follow God’s lead and pursue a relationship with Him. In my sophomore year of high school, I understood for myself the truth we are taught at Remnant Fellowship. I realized I needed to be grasping and putting into practice this relationship with God for myself.

God has allowed so many blessings that would not have been possible had I not made that decision to put Him and His church first. I pursued a relationship with God by reading in my Bible, praying to Him and responding to convictions by making changes for the better. Because of this, I was able to complete my Associates degree completely debt free utilizing a program that was implemented at the same time I was graduating from high school. Only God could time this so perfectly. I was also able to start my dream job in grounds management and property maintenance right here in Brentwood, and I am deeply honored that I get to do this for Gwen Shamblin and Ashlawn Estate. These are only a couple of examples of God giving to me as I sought after Him wholeheartedly, but I am more excited to continue to give back to Him by supporting His Church and the Leaders He has established!

The biggest blessing God has so graciously given is Rebekah, my best friend. I had known of her since we were both very little and was closer with her brothers for about four years prior to really getting to know her. Around the time of Pentecost (late May/early June) in 2017, I was at point in my life where I was enjoying being single, and the thought of dating wasn’t really on my mind. I was serving the church and the saints and surrounding myself with Godly, spiritually strong friends. Of course God has a sense of humor and introduced Rebekah into my life right in the middle of this season at Pentecost of last year.

"The biggest blessing God has so graciously given is Rebekah, my best friend." - John

After Rebekah and I got to know each other for some time, with my parent’s blessing I went to Rebekah’s father to seek out permission to propose. God’s hand was in it all, from the timing of the conversation with her father, Mr. Don Fischer, to ring shopping, to the proposal. I feel certain there are few other situations or places where a young man could go ring shopping with both sets of parents and the sister of the soon-to-be-fiancée … and everyone have so much fun doing it! The ring was picked out amazingly quickly and also happened to be her exact ring size, which made selecting it that much clearer. I remember the night of the proposal and how excited I was to ask the most Godly, joyful, selfless, girl I knew if she would marry me. To my delight, she said “YES!!” So many saints in the church played major parts in making the proposal come together, and to them I’m so grateful. Looking back, if you had told me that we would be getting married one year after really starting to get to know one another, I most definitely would not have believed you. However, God moves swiftly when we are willing to carry out His will.

This testimony would not be complete without also thanking my parents, Tom and Jennifer Quinn, and Rebekah’s parents, Don and Donna Fischer. They have always been so sweet in guiding Rebekah and me in our relationship. I know I personally learned so much over this past year that Rebekah and I got to know each other. I would not be where I am today without the selfless efforts of both sets of parents. I am so hopeful for the future where we will learn even more on how to walk out a Godly, peaceful, selfless marriage.

I truly don’t deserve to be getting married and, on top of that, to be marrying the woman of my dreams. God is simply over the top and beyond compare in His generosity. He is truly the best matchmaker, story writer and cupid. I know I deserve none of what He has put together and am so grateful to be living this truly amazing and blessed life. I’m so excited for what’s ahead as I continue to put God first and cannot wait to see how Rebekah and I will be serving God and his Kingdom by using our gifts as He allows … together, for all the days He give us!

Rebekah Fischer:

I have gotten the very blessed opportunity to spend the large majority of my life surrounded by this truth! My parents joined the Remnant Fellowship Church in February of 2001, and quickly moved our family here in July of that year. For as long as I can remember, my dad has had a mission for his children to be a part of this truth, and that is so evident is his zealousness in moving us here immediately! His heart for God and consistent selflessness has been a huge rock for our family!

Though I grew up in this Church, I have not always put into practice wholeheartedly the truths we are taught. In middle school, I found myself overweight and without friends in a world full of hate. I knew that what I got to hear at Church was the truth, but it wasn’t until the summer leading up to my freshman year of high school that things started to click. I started understanding little bits about authority and the importance of humility in admitting I was not able to lead my own life without that input and feedback. That same summer I also started to put into practice the teachings of the Weigh Down Workshop, wherein Gwen Shamblin so clearly teaches how to follow God’s cues for eating and eat within hunger and fullness. In doing so, I lost 25 pounds of unwanted greed that was not glorifying to God!

TThroughout high school, I hung tight to the Remnant Fellowship youth around me to avoid the temptations that the world has to offer but there were still deep roots of internal idolatry to self focus, praise of man, and even still pulls to the food that I tried to keep at bay by my own methods of control. I spent three years in high school just coasting along on what I thought was “okay.” It wasn’t until the Days of Awe in 2016 that I truly made the choice to go “all in” with my relationship with God. The Days of Awe is a beautifully introspective 40-day walk that revealed so much of what was still in my heart. I had been holding onto a fear of man that was turning into a fear and hatred of all authority. I was starting to spiral and I had no desire to feel the misery I could see the world giving to those who had fallen down during their times of testing but had not gotten back up.

"This life is so beyond blessed, and one of my biggest blessings is getting to be engaged to the most humble and righteous man, John Quinn!" - Rebekah

One night during those beautiful Days of Awe, I went and sat with my mom, Donna Fischer. I wanted to ask for help with something that seemed on such a small scale—but this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my parents and with God! She so gracefully gave me guidance and hope, assured me that I wasn’t a failure, and reminded me that we have all the tools we need for life and godliness!

Every single day brings more learning but I’m so grateful and humbled at this opportunity to live for God—and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life serving Him and finding His will!

This life is so beyond blessed, and one of my biggest blessings is getting to be engaged to the most humble and righteous man, John Quinn! I am convicted daily watching John lay down his life for others, and it’s been such a joy to get to know him and his beautiful heart! He has been such a constant in my life and I truly do not deserve this opportunity that I have been given!

With three siblings engaged since the beginning of the year, the potential of my own engagement was the farthest thing from my mind. I for sure thought that John and I would not be getting married for another year or two. That being said, I was caught totally by surprise as we walked through the vineyard at Ashlawn Estate, stopping right beneath two trees lit up with Christmas lights. As John dropped to his knee, I was stunned beyond words. I think I even asked out loud, “Is this real life?” The ring was everything I had dreamed of and more, and the celebration that followed of all God had done was nothing short of the sweetest!

I praise God for this day and every day, and I am so looking forward to the day I get to marry the man of my dreams! I am so excited to be Mrs. Rebekah Quinn! May God forever get all the glory and honor!​