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Waterson-Stewart Remnant Fellowship Wedding InvitationDetails …

Wedding Day!
Sunday, November 18, 2018

Wedding colors:
Burgundy, Gold, and Green

The Couple is registered at:
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Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Their Story…

Garrett Stewart:

Growing up, I had a very standard teaching of Christianity. You go to church, say some prayers, go about your life for the rest of your day, week, year, etc. It wasn’t until I joined Remnant Fellowship back in 2016 that I learned what it really means to follow Christ. The principles that I was taught made it easier than ever before to have a personal, one-on-one relationship with God that improved every area of my life. I lost 100 pounds, made new lifelong friends, and found a new boundless love for God that I had never had before.

Something else that this place has taught me was how to seek out a Godly woman with which to spend your life. Seeking out all the qualities of a Proverbs 31 wife, God led my heart immediately to Tiffany. She has always been a beam of light and joy from the minute I met her. We became instant friends, and continued to develop our friendship until eventually, I knew that I wanted to date her, and eventually marry her. Our relationship was instantly blessed as we put God first in every area and looked for guidance from our parents and church leaders. I know that if we had not done that, we would not have as happy of a relationship that we have now.

“Seeking out all the qualities of a Proverbs 31 wife, God led my heart immediately to Tiffany.” – Garrett

When I had gotten the blessing of her parents to ask her to marry me, the planning started right away. I had asked the wonderful Day family if I could use their home, and they generously obliged. We had set up a trail of bag lanterns, made by my mother, leading from their backyard into their garden, where I read 1st Corinthians 13 from a beautiful antique Bible that they own, then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes! Tiffany and I are both so excited to use this new chapter of our lives to glorify God and his Kingdom.

Tiffany Waterson:

I have been in this church for the majority of my life. My mother found Weigh Down in 2007 and lost over 50 pounds through the life-changing message that she heard. Shortly after taking her first Weigh Down class, our family joined Remnant Fellowship Church in December of 2007. Even though I have been hearing this beautiful message since I was 9 years old, it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I actually started to put it in to practice.

I planned to stay in Illinois to go to college, but after coming to Tennessee for my spring break my senior year, I realized that I wanted nothing more than a strong relationship with God and the best way that I could do that was to surround myself with those who run after God’s lead whole-heartedly. I made the decision to move to Tennessee, with the support of my parents, and go to school here during the summer of 2016. It was the best decision that I ever made. After moving, my relationship with God grew stronger than it had ever been.

“I am confident that Garrett and I will have a blessed marriage because we are given all the resources needed to learn how to be selfless spouses through the messages taught here.” – Tiffany

It was only through the messages that we get to hear every Wednesday and Saturday that I have ever been able to know God and understand that we can have a close, personal relationship with Him! This church and what we are taught and shown through the example of our leaders is the only reason that I ever learned how to become a Godly woman and make an effort to be a woman who someone would even want to have a relationship with.

It wasn’t until I had fully died to myself and my desire to be in a relationship that God allowed me to meet Garrett Stewart. He and I met on the Weigh Down tour in Dallas, Texas and I instantly felt a connection with him. It was the first time in two years that God had allowed me to have feelings for someone. Garrett caught my attention because I could tell that he was seeking God first and I knew how much he had given up to be here, in the “middle of the pack,” just like I had. Our stories were very similar!

After a few months of close friendship, I kept praying that God would allow my feelings to be reciprocated and that He would allow us to date. Shortly after, Garrett reached out to my father and asked permission to date me. We started dating in October of 2017 and were engaged by April of 2018! It’s amazing how fast God allows you to fall in love when you are focusing on seeking Him and His Kingdom first! I am confident that Garrett and I will have a blessed marriage because we are given all the resources needed to learn how to be selfless spouses through the messages taught here. We are so very blessed to have this amazing truth and church behind us, supporting us through this journey in our lives!

Tiffany Waterson & Garrett Stewart