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Their Story…

Will Langsdon:

Growing up in Remnant Fellowship Church

My family and I starting attending Remnant Fellowship in 1999, when I was 5 years old. I praise God for allowing me to grow up in this Church, where I have learned a message of how to follow God completely in every area of my life. I am grateful that I did not have to go through a life time of pain and suffering before finding this Truth.

Hannah and I met at church and it was apparent that she was as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside…she was always smiling and most likely laughing.

“I praise God for allowing me to grow up in this Church, where I have learned a message of how to follow God completely in every area of my life.” – William

Meeting Hannah

Hannah and I did not start dating until Tiffani Day and my dad (Joseph Langsdon) had encouraged me to start talking to her. My thought was she is WAY out of my league, and I would never be able to date someone as beautiful and kind as her.
During “Feast Of Tabernacles” celebration, I went to Mountview, the home of Rob and Tiffani Day, for more fellowship. Hannah and I ended up talking in the kitchen for over 2 hours. That night, I got to take her out for the first time. It was so easy to talk to her because all we wanted to talk about is what God was doing in our life at the time. We have not stopped talking about this subject since that day.

I knew after a few weeks of dating that I wanted to marry her, but I did not want to grab for that…I wanted to wait for God’s lead. God would lead through my dad— my dad started sending me links to engagement rings during Christmas (pretty clear sign) just three months after we started dating. I knew that this is what God wanted. We had the honor of getting engaged at Ashlawn, the home of David and Gwen Shamblin that next spring.

I am so grateful for the countless examples of what a Godly marriage looks like from so many of the members at Remnant Fellowship. I am eternally thankful.

Hannah Travis:

I Found God at Remnant…

My name is Hannah Travis and I am 23 years old. Before I came to Remnant Fellowship and started putting the teachings into practice, I was lost, empty, depressed; I overate, over drank, over exercised, and constantly dieted. Quite frankly, I was miserable and worn out from running to the world for answers that were never going to fill the empty, longing hole in my heart! I finally found answers and deep peace when I came to Remnant! I learned how to lay down my pride, lust, greed and selfishness. I gained a deep, real relationship with God, lost over 30 pounds and stopped feeling sorry for myself! I now have joy, patience, kindness and love in my heart! God has truly blessed me with a fairy tale life, after turning to Him for everything! I am so grateful to God for Gwen Shamblin and the entire leadership at Remnant Fellowship, who have taught me that I can and must obey God…and have given me the practical “how to” tools to do this, as well as led the way by example.

Before my life at Remnant, I had pretty much given up on the thought of marriage. With most of the world’s marriages ending in divorce and pain, I had pretty much lost all hope to ever get married. Remnant has completely restored my hope in marriage! It is because I have seen the overflowing fruit of healed marriages, new an old, where couples grow only more in love with each other each day. There is no arguing, controlling, manipulation, unfaithfulness, but rather love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, utmost respect, faithfulness, and gentleness! I am so excited and honored that God has put me with the most perfect man that loves Him and will lead our family down this righteous path! I know for a fact that if it were not for the teachings at Remnant Fellowship that I would absolutely not be getting married! Before, I saw no point, but now I see God’s perfect and purposeful plan.

“Remnant has completely restored my hope in marriage!” – Hannah

A Five-month, stress-free Engagement!

Even though our entire engagement is only a five-month period of time, throughout the entire wedding planning process I have not once been stressed or worried… which is only God and a reflection of how He has led Gwen Shamblin to establish an incredible team of volunteer ministries to put on the most beautiful weddings ever!

Remnant is amazing; every need is prayed over and thought of! There is a ministry for everything from food to decorations, rehearsals, music, coordinators, hair and make-up, and even fireworks! It is amazing how well we are taken care of! It has been extremely humbling to see the entire body come together for us to make this day so special for us and glorifying to God.

Everyone is so generous with their time and talents…People are constantly texting and asking me if I need anything at all, that they would be honored to just run errands for me! No need goes unmet at the Remnant, not even if you tried!

I am confident that Will and I are going to have a strong marriage because of what we have been taught. We are grounded on the foundation of following in the selfless footsteps of Jesus Christ …and are constantly taught and shown what this should look like in everyday living.

I know that doing things God’s way always gets blessed and it has been that indeed thus far! It is the most fun life and it gets better every day! I have no doubt that this is going to be a strong marriage and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for our future life together.

Not a Fairytale…this is real!

I thought that people like Will only existed in fairytales…but now I see that true character exists when you really know how to follow the direction of God in your life. He is my real life prince charming! Since day one, Will has been nothing short of a gentleman all the time. It blows me away how faithful, kind, loving, loyal, gentle, serving and, let’s just be honest, all around perfect he is! There is a distinct and clear difference I saw in Will that automatically drew me to him. It was God through him. His love for God is evident and that is the most attractive characteristic for me! I am so indescribably grateful that I get to marry him and I am still pinching myself. I feel so undeserving that God would put me with him, but it is undeniably a perfect match! I cannot praise God enough for this Church and this life that He has given us. This has been he best five months of my life!

William Langsdon & Hannah Travis